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1) Go veggie!

The first and most effective thing you can do to help animals and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions is to adopt a vegan diet

Every single year 55 billion land animals are kept in horrific conditions and are then eventually slaughtered in order to provide humans with food. Apart from the animal welfare aspect, a meat based diet produces 96% more greenhouse gas emissions than an energy equivalent vegan meal.

Visit our go veggie! page for starter packs and more!


2) Spread the word!


The Society for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing is currently running numerous campaigns in order to bring awareness of animal rights and issues to the public. Find out more at our awareness campaign page.

Please visit our awareness campaign page for more information.




3) Humane education

Humane education is teaching children to respect and care for animals and their habitats. It's root lies in compassion and kindness and teaching the youth that animals are sentient and do have feelings and emotions and that these emotions and needs should be considered and appreciated.

Please visit our humane education page for more information and ideas.



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